Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Single Tray Box

I was asked to make a pair of presentation boxes which would hold a series of photographs. I was given free rein on design so I decided to construct  single tray boxes with magnet closures.

The depth of the trays are 1/2 an inch and I place openings at both sides so the photos could been easily lifted from the boxes. I used a silk moire cloth to wrap the trays.

For the cover I wanted to add some interest for the design so I cut out a square in the center and split the front board down the center.

Wrapping the cover in book cloth was pretty simple except at the cutout. At the cut out angle the cloth would not fully cover so I first painted the board to match the cloth.
The tray was then glued on the center board.

By splitting the board I then had to add another full size board behind the left flap to fully protect the photos. Before covering this board in a decorative paper and attaching it, I cut out small recesses and mounted two of the magnets. On the right cover flap more magnets were recessed that matched up to the ones on the other board.

I used epoxy adhesive to attach the magnet into the recess board and used a wood putty to fill any openings after the glue had dried. Finally I carefully scraped off any glue or putty from the top of the magnet so it would not interfere with it being able to close the cover.

Before gluing down the decorative paper on the flaps I used a light card stock to raise the center area flush with the turned cloth edges. When recessing the magnets I made them flush with this card stock. I added a piece of cloth at the cut out so the white card would not be seen at the edge and glued down the decorative paper.


  1. Really great! I am impressed!
    Greetings Heike

  2. Are those purple, green, and blue blocks weights wrapped in book cloth? I'm curious how those are made!

  3. I made the weights by making small boxes that are 3 x 5 x 2. I filled them with lead shot then added some glue to solidify the shot. Previously I made some weights and later dropped one off the table and all the tiny shot spilled all over the floor, it was a mess to clean up.

    After I glued a lid on the box and wrapped the box in a heavy kraft paper. Then I wrapped them again in book cloth. I used the three colors because they were pieces left over from other projects.

  4. Nice creative art work done!! Keep up the good work...

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